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 Prospect Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center
Finding Value in ALL Abilities

Our Mission
Prospect Mountain, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, was formed to enhance the lives of persons with physical, intellectual or psychological challenges. We provide Equine Assisted Programs customized to meet the objectives of each individual's needs.

    Welcome to Prospect Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center 

    We are proud to be apart of P.A.T.H. INC ( Professional Assoc. of Therapeutic Horseback riding international) and enjoy serving Kaufman and surrounding counties.
    Working within the atmosphere of an old Mining Town, we strive to find
Therapeutic riding is the core of our program. Certified instructors, with trained volunteers, assist riders to achieve goals, horsemanship skills, and establish a                                                    special bond with their horses.
    We promote trust, impulse control, self confidence and relationship building through the natural consequences of the horse. The relationship that occurs between a rider and their horse can help overcome a rider's debilitating fears. As a rider learns that they have control of a horse, they can begin to learn that they can take control of themselves.

     Riding also feeds the heart. All riders benefit from increased self-esteem, empowerment, and relationships they build with peers, horses, volunteers and staff.

OUR VALUES:                                               


-Affects every aspect of our program including but not limited to, SAFETY, riders, volunteers, horses, staff, environment, facilities, and the therapeutic experience.

STEWARDSHIP-Making the best use and caring for each person, animal and all of our resources while both sustaining quality and growing our programs.

ACCOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP-Providing proactive leadership tempered with sound educated judgment, maintaining clear priorities, and controlling growth without compromising quality.

COMMUNITY ADVOCACY-Promoting understanding of the benefits and successes this form of therapy brings throughout Kaufman and the surrounding counties.

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   Donations for Covering our Riding Arena
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